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Financial Planning Work$

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Financial Planning Work$, Inc.

Financial Planning Work$, Inc.

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In 1986, Financial Planning Work$, Inc. incorporated in New Jersey. Privately held by its President, Michael Edward Fox, CLU, ChFC, it is successor to Mr. Fox’s 20 year old sole proprietorship. We have been fiduciaries from inception.

As of August 2020  the Company employed only one full time person and one part time individual. We outsource non-core functions. We also maintain strategic relationships with attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents both within and outside New Jersey.

We handle more complex matters involving insurance claims, social security matters, and ERISA issues, parenting plans, Medicaid Planning, Internal Revenue Service collection issues.

We find it best to use the services of a Certified Para Legal for matters concerning Equitable Distribution, child custody disputes, appraisals (divorce or Estate), Estate challenges, guardianship proceedings (parental or at Litem), probate matters, Trusts, employment discrimination, and bankruptcy. Additionally, if we are working with an (opposing) attorney, our client’s attorney or interfacing on the client’s behalf with a regulatory body, we again use a Certified Para Legal. They understand the legal jargon better than non-certified individuals. As a result, it reduces the time and cost of serving clients.

Financial Planning Work$, Inc. has established relationships with both Pennsylvania and New Jersey CPA firms with whom we regularly consult. In New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia, we have working relationships with attorneys who specialize in: (alphabetically arranged) Bankruptcy, Business Law, Collections, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Labor Law, Matrimonial, Medicaid Planning, Probate, Real Estate Law, and Social Security. We do not have direct relationships with all specialties in all states.

Lastly, we have first hand experience with (alphabetically arranged) child custody evaluators, grief counselors, mediators, psychologists, and a wide variety of community based services at our disposal to help families in need or transition.

We are an experienced, broadly based firm offering a significant number of unique personal and financial services. We are definitely “not your father’s Oldsmobile.”

Last revised 1-22-2021