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"Because... It Never Rained Before Noah Built the Ark! Gen 2: 5-6

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“How many times have you said, if I knew then what I know now?”

Financial Planning Work$, Incorporated is a full services firm. We primarily operate on a fee for service basis. We span the financial concerns from bankruptcy  to wealth preservation. We assist in tax matters too. Our investment recommendations are broad and include cutting edge Nobel prize winning strategies utilizing institutional structured index no load funds.

Last updated 9-5-2019

"An experienced person learns from their mistakes, a wise one from the mistakes of others’.”

Sometimes clients present us with a singular limited task. Our approach is to listen to their issues (wants). Then, we diagnose the situation (what are the real needs?) Sometimes a client’s wants and needs differ. We point out these occurrences. In either event, we believe an informed consumer makes smart choices about their money. So, we educate clients as to the possible courses of action and consequences of doing or failing to take action. This takes the form of a summary report we prepare for you outlining the pros and cons. As always, clients are free to accept or reject any idea. We hate procrastination. In the words of Yoda, "There is no try. Do or not do." Make a decision one way or the other before the facts and circumstances change. If, clients do accept an idea, then we ask you to do two more things. Schedule the task’s completion date. Assign responsibility for its completion (client, accountant, lawyer, etc.).

Last updated 9-6-2019

“Making a living is important. Making a life is more." ~ Socrates 

We offer client meetings on annual or quarterly basis. We find it useful to prepare minutes of client meetings subject to client review and amendment. This promotes a clear understanding on a two way basis. Beyond that, it certainly precludes the senior moments we all experience regardless of age. They additionally serve a useful purpose when explaining things to other professionals, parents, spouses or children. We prepare singular reports on an hourly basis. We archive these reports in a portal. Clients may grant (in writing) access to that portal or portions thereof on a selective basis to their children or other trusted personal.

Last updated 9-6-2019

Hope should not be part of a strategy!

In contrast, we prepare our full financial plans on a flat fee basis. We find that clients once exposed to the process want and need fuller explanations. Eliminating the ticking clock facilitates that process. The full plans may encompass: Education, Financial Independence, Risk Management, Tax Analysis, Estate Planning (including wealth transfer and preservation) and Business Planning (including succession planning). The report consists of 20 or so pages. In addition to the above listed topics, we include cash flow statements from Quicken or QuickBooks and bank ready financial statements, a cash flow analysis (if one can stand the pain) and a tax flow forecast. We include at least one personalized appendix in support of the concepts discussed in the report. The report ends with a (Yoda philosophy of Do or Not do) decision making page and an implementation schedule.

Last updated 9-6-2019

“Financial planning is a process, not a destination”

We encourage frequent communication and questions on any and all financial issues BEFORE one takes action. Contact us by phone or email. Proactive is better than reactive. It is far less expensive to prevent a problem than to remedy it. Besides, there is no charge for client generated phone calls lasting less than six minutes.

Last updated 9-5-2019

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

For over seven years, we used ShareFile, now Citrix Sharefile to securely transmit documents to or from us. It meets the Federally mandated HIPPA standard for identity theft protection. Inside ShareFile we created the equivalent of a 14 drawer electronic filing cabinet.  All clients may use this to store whatever they wish.They have 24/7/365 access as well as tech support help from Citrix and unattended password support for night owls or early birds.

We can selectively share your file folders with relatives, accountants, Drs. or lawyers, or whomever you wish. We can track each authorized user's use of ShareFile provided that you keep your credentials yours and do not share them, including with your spouse. Any sharing requests require a written notarized authorization. Each individual granted any permission(s) will have their own unique login credentials. This is how we are able to track who accessed what and when did they do it.

Last updated 9-5-2019

Faith is believing in God in spite of appearances. Faith is obeying God in spite of the consequences.